During April 2010, while visiting a friend in Turkey, I had the pleasure of discovering the extraordinary beauty, history, culture and lifestyle of the Turkish Aegean region. Although I was not really in the market for an overseas property at the time, the incredible potential of the area, both as a holiday destination, and as an investment to the future convinced me to have a look at some properties.

While staying with my friend in Didim, I was lucky enough to be introduced to the wonderful family at Turkish Aegean Homes and BBCG Constructions. From the moment I first met them I felt at ease. I was shown several properties by Ceyhun, the head of the family, but at no time was I pressured to make a purchase. After enjoying several days of my holiday I decided that the opportunity to purchase an apartment in the immaculately presented Sun Gate Complex, one of BBCG’s own developments in Didim, was too good to refuse.

At this point, Ceyhun and the rest of the family made all the arrangements for my purchase, including establishing Turkish bank accounts, sorting out the official paperwork and helping me to furnish my property. I have since had great support from everyone at Turkish Aegean Homes in setting up my apartment, and even help to rent it out for short periods.

It’s now March 2011, and I have once again had the pleasure of travelling to Didim and staying in my own home in November 2011. Not only did I meet with Ceyhun and the family in Didim, but I also had the pleasure of catching up with Behic (one of the Turkish Aegean Homes family) in Istanbul for a night out. I feel that with Turkish Aegean Homes, I not only bought an apartment and continue to receive incredible after sales service, but more importantly, I feel that I have been welcomed as part of the family.

If you are considering buying a home in the region, I strongly recommend you contact Tukish Aegean Homes. I know I feel blessed to have purchased my apartment from such a professional and supportive family.

Peter Hunt, Canberra, Australia, Sun Gate Complex, 14. March 2011

If you are considering buying a property in Turkey and you have any doubts about your investment being safe, please take our advice and talk to Turkish Agean Homes. We bought an apartment in their Magnolia Development in beautiful AKBUK.
Behic and his family guided us through the whole process in a very professional and courteous manner, from the first meeting in June 2010 to our completion in October 2010.
In just over four months we had completed and received our Tapu and Habitation Certificate.
We looked very carefully at a great number of advertised property from other developers but none offered the attention to detail, finish and build quality of this development. Everything at the complex was finished as described.
We have just returned from our first three week visit to our new apartment. During this time I completed a meticulous inspection of the apartment to find any snagging issues, which summarised as two small door shutting adjustments.
I can honestly say we could not have found a better company to deal with.

Alan and Clare, England,  Magnolia Complex , 11. November 2010

I first found Turkish Aegean Homes on Rightmove website in the UK. I arranged my own travel; accommodation and viewings were arranged by Turkish Aegean Homes.

Turkish Aegean Homes is a family run construction firm who are well renowned in Turkey. On arrival I spent the afternoon at the beach recovering from a late evening flight. My sister and I were picked up the following morning and shown various properties on their portfolio.

I decided to buy the first one that I was initially shown. Within 3 days I had been to the Solicitors, Tax Office and Furniture Stores; I was then handed my keys!!!

Turkish Aegean Homes are unique in that there is no hard sale, you are literally part of their family for the few days that you spend with them; a most enjoyable experience. Buying a house in the UK is always a troubling experience; you will feel none of this with this remarkable family.

I requested various extras to be placed in the property; this was done immediately without the normal UK workman delays!! I had to return to work prior to my furniture being installed, I was sent updates online within 3 days.
Within 3 months I received the Deeds to my new home.

Anyone wishing to buy a property in Turkey would be advised to buy from this Company. I have experienced no problems at all; in fact it was a joy.

Big thanks from me.

Hazel Jane Huxley, Scotland, Sun Gate Complex, 22. October 2010


During the summer of 2003, after our return home from a three-week vacation in Turkey, we discussed purchasing a place of our own. This would enable us to visit with family and friends who currently reside there. It was just an idea at that time, but we were hoping that it would become a reality someday.

In 2005, we adopted a two-year old boy from Ukraine. Becoming a parent at the age of 50 was not an easy task. He kept us busy; however, we were still able to travel to the Caribbean Islands and Mexico for vacations. We still wished to purchase a summer place in Turkey to allow us to spend part of the summer close to the family and friends.

We started searching for properties located in the Didim area, in hopes of finding a place to purchase. We made many inquiries over the Internet. The response received from Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction was the one that prompted us to move forward. It was honest and straightforward and their willingness to work with us definitely made things easy for us. We decided to purchase a unit from Magnolia Complex. We did not travel to Turkey to accomplish this task. Instead, the paperwork was initiated through a law firm, the contract was signed, and the payments were established with an electronic transfer process.

Upon our arrival to Turkey during our inspection trip, Ceyhun was waiting for us at the unit to hand us the keys. He is a middle age, friendly and well-mannered person who made us feel at ease from the very first day. He aided us in getting the paperwork that needed to be completed. He and his wife assisted us in furnishing our unit and in getting our porch furniture, umbrella, and new light fixtures installed for the unit. This removed a lot of stress and saved a lot of time would have required us to achieve.

Our son, Justin now seven wondered where we are as he looked around the surrounding area from our balcony. He asked where the palm trees were since he was used to tropical island vacations. Why are there so many houses? As we walked to the supermarket to get some groceries, he exclaimed, “What kind of vacation is this? All we are doing is walking”. However, within a week he seemed to be content with his life.

We met with our neighbors, Roger and Mona and became acquainted instantly. The warm reception that we received from them made us feel very welcome. The Magnolia Complex is very beautiful. We feel very content with our place and the close proximity to the shopping areas, bus terminal and the beach.

We are hoping that next year, we will not have such a hectic time as we did this past year. We certainly look forward to our many future visits to our new home. Our sincerest appreciation for the hospitality and the professional work experience we received from Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction.


The Ferrell Family

Eren Ferrell and family, USA,  Magnolia Complex , 18. October 2010


Hi, my name is Martin,
I bought a property from Turkish Aegean Homes and BBCG Construction. Just back from 2 weeks in Sun Gate Complex. First time seeing the completed apartment, absolutely fantastic! My daughters and their families had a brilliant time. They called the pool area a "suntrap". Looking forward to next trip already!

Martin Cronin, Ireland, Sun Gate Complex , 28. August 2010


I bought from Ceyhun, the owner of the family run business Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. I bought a property at Magnolia Complex when it was still off plan. The family all made the purchase as smooth as possible for me. I have been very impressed with their customer after sale management. They have made my transition to Turkey very pleasant and are always on hand to help me with anything I need. It’s their attention to detail that is so very important and I would recommend them to anyone wishing to buy property in beautiful Turkey.

Joan Gourlay, Scotland,  Magnolia Complex  06. August 2010



Hi! My daughter and myself bought an apartment last September during an inspection trip (which we didn’t pay a penny for). Going out for dinners, taking us to the bank and showing us around, the whole firm Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction could not have been more helpful and kind. We bought an apartment on Sun Gate Complex (them own project) and it wasn’t finished when we bought it. But when we went back in April of this year I was blown away with the finish and quality. I could not believe it is mine. I would ask anyone not to hesitate in doing business with these lovely people in the future.

Julie and Terri Notts, England,  Sun Gate Complex , 04. August 2010,



Years have gone by when I first started thinking about a holiday-home in Turkey. In modern days it is quite easy to look what is on offer, but is all information reliable? After many deliberations I got into contact with Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction, as they answered all my questions instantly and without any urge to sell me a property. In October 2009 I was in Didim for 3 days and was showed maybe 20 properties on sale and they gave me all the space I needed to make up my mind. I learned from those 3 days that Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction is not only an estate agency, it is a constructor/designer of their own developments, have an office for after-sales, are in close contact with reliable firms for the interior for your property and are very nice people indeed. After my first holiday in 2010, my family and I thought it is better to change the apartment for a larger one, on the same complex. Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Constrution organized it when we were on the same holiday. I hope that this testimonial will convince people that it is worth while to get into contact with this company.

Hans & Luydmyla , Aleksander, Naomi, Roovers, Netherland,  Moonlight Complex 2 , 19. July 2010



Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction has provided a brilliant service from start to finish. I bought an apartment off plan from them project – Magnolia Complex. I had no previous experience in buying a property abroad, but this company has been so helpful - they have delivered the apartment on time and to the agreed specification, as well as ensuring I was updated every step of the way. They are always on hand to offer advice and guidance on all aspects of the process. It has been a pleasure purchasing my property through Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. Thank you!

Sarah Lipp, England,  Magnolia Complex 



I must admit, it was with some hesitation when I arrived to Turkey for my apartment purchase. When I met with Ceyhun – owner of Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction , and he took me to the office where the rest of the "family" was, including Renata, I felt relaxed and very welcome. It felt almost like old friends. I only had 5 days of holiday but they arranged everything. At first I was invited to breakfast in Didim at a lovely beach restaurant with the oldest son Bogac. Then Ceyhun drove around and showed me their surroundings. Akbük area is incredibly beautiful. The apartment which I bought was better than I could imagine at Magnolia Complex – them own development. The buying process went very smooth. The tax office, open a bank account, solicitor, etc Ceyhun arranged in the same day. The next day furniture package and some other purchases of little bits. Behiç (youngest son) took me out shopping and to the restaurant almost every evening for dinner and because I wanted to watch the 2010 FIFA World Cup. They gave us wonderful dinners and great BBQ evenings with his family. I can really recommend the Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. I have never experienced such flexibility and honesty. I can only agree with what everyone else posted here.

Peter Koskela, Sweden,  Magnolia Complex , 30. June 2010


Hi! My name is Anthony. On my arrive to Altinkum I was greeted by the owner and I had a pleasant welcome. The next day they took me for breakfast, then off to the office where I met the staff who were very friendly. Arriving to the Sun Gate Complex later, I viewed a choice of apartments. The following day I bought two apartments and stayed three weeks where they helped me through the buying process. In that three weeks they entertained me by meals out, BBQ, trips, nights out, thoroughly enjoyed my stay with Ceyhun and his family. I can only recommend Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction.

Anthony Berkley, England,  Sun Gate Complex , 10. May 2010



Buying a property in a foreign country is a mixture of feelings since you really don’t know if there is some tricky business out there that you don’t understand.
Reading the testimonials from people that has bought a flat or a house from Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction might give you the thought that this is too good to be true.
I can ashore you, it is true........

Doing business with Ceyhun and his family is like doing business in paradise ( if that is possible).

I have never in my long life (turning 55 now) experienced such a professional service and kindness, the purchase itself was a breeze and the after sales service has been incredible.
The way they treat you make you feel as family member, and me and my wife has made some good friends in Turkey, and will of cause recommend this company to everybody that are planning to buy a summer flat. ( even my mother in law).

Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction has been fantastic right from the start, and is not only a nice family company, they are professional from the very beginning and everything has gone so smooth.
We ended up buying a flat at Magnolia, which is one of their own projects. And not surprising the standard of the flat and the surroundings showed up to have the same quality and standard as the service this company is giving.

And on top of that the price and the payment plan is excellent. Thanks to all the memberes of the family and the staff.

We are looking forward to many holidays in Akbuk knowing that we have bought a flat throug the best company ever.

Please feel free to call us, the company has our phone number.

Roger and Mona Hov, Norway,  Magnolia Complex , 07. May 2010



My name is Stephen, and my wife Antoinette, are from Dublin – Republic of Ireland.
We met last year (2009) with Ceyhun and his family who own Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction, a family run business.
We would highly recommend this company to anybody, be a couple or single person. We feel that by using Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction was the best move we ever made. They have to be the most honorable company in Altinkum,
We dealt a lot with Behic, and no matter what we asked for, be it information or up to date photographs of our property we got them. Ceyhun and his family made our whole experience of buying well worthwhile and we are delighted with our purchase. We bought on the New Marina Road, the Sun Gate Complex – them own development. It is absolutely beautiful and we are so happy. We feel we dealt with the nicest family anyone could wish to do business with, and we would like to thank Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction for all their help.

Stephen and Antoinette Carslake, Ireland,  Sun Gate Complex , 05. May 2010



My wife and I have bought a penthouse in the tranquil city of Didim, a nice town with small scale tourism which is exactly what we were looking for.
We have been fantastically guided/supported by the Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction – business in both sales as well as the second line/after sales support (i.e. getting the appropriate papers licenses etc.) Also the TAPU was obtained in only 3 months.
With this reliable support it is nice to start fully enjoying our new home abroad.

Henk and Ine Tomassen, Netherland, Moonlight Complex 2 , 19. April 2010



What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction have been fantastic right from the start. There was no pressure to buy. Ceyhun and Lola showed me everything I asked for – from their own developments to anything else on the market. In the end, I bought from one of their developments, the Sungate Complex. The quality of construction and fittings is superb, thanks to Gungor’s keen eye, attention to detail, and taste. Once I’d made my decision, the rest was easy. Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction organised everything from the solicitor, translator and required military checks to helping out with my tax number and bank accounts. They found out everything I needed to do as an Australian far from home, and gave me the peace of mind that you just don’t expect from real estate agencies or construction companies.
When I came back to Didim 6 months later (March 2010), everything was complete. Even my TAPU was ready, which, if you know anyone who’s bought an apartment in Didim before, is an amazing achievement! Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction leave no stone unturned in making this process as painless as possible. Their integrity and reliability is beyond question. The after-sales service from Bogac, Behic and Renata make everything a breeze, from buying furniture, installation, getting air conditioners, gas and water, and even buying a scooter. Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction is not just a great real estate agency and construction company, it’s a family. And now it’s mine.

Paul Halman, Australia,  Sun Gate Complex , 14. April 2010



We bought our apartment through Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. Ceyhun showed me around a few places and was very helpful. We decided to buy from them. The buying process went very smooth. When I went out there to pick up my keys, Ceyhun was there to make sure everything was ok. They took me shopping and helped me open a bank account. They have been most helpful, I would highly recommend them.

Deb Berryman and family, Bristol,  Goldsand Complex 2 , 07. April 2010



In October last year I went to Turkey to look for apartments. I saw some complexes from a couple of construction companies, but wasn't always impressed by the quality. Nearly by accident I met Ceyhun and his family at BBCG Construction and they gave me a great impression of quality and integrity.
I was shown the land and plans for the Magnolia Complex in Akbuk. I was convinced immediately and did the only thing I was absolutely sure I would never do - I signed an agreement for an apartment even before the project was started - some call it brave, others will definitely call it risky. However, I felt absolutely sure Ceyhun was thrustworthy and now, half a year later I and my family have been in Didim, enjoying the hospitality of Ceyhun and his family and seen with our own eyes that the Magnolia project is nearly finished.
During our stay in Didim the entire family has been at our service nearly 24/7 and have helped us to find and pick white goods and furniture at the same time as socializing with us, making us feel very much at home.

From what I have seen and experienced I can easily recommend buying property from Ceyhun and his family, to me they stand for quality, reliability and good taste.

Anne Brænden, Norway, Magnolia Complex , 07. April 2010



For anyone who is looking to buy a property in the Didim/Altinkum area we would definitely recommend Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. We bought an apartment from them construction – Sun Gate Complex. It is a genuine family company, who have made the whole process from our first enquiry to getting our Title deeds as painless and hassle free as possible. The after sale services offered cannot be faulted, and we are delighted with our purchase and are now looking forward to many holidays in Turkey in the future.

Michael and Margaret Morrison, England,  Sun Gate Complex , 31. March 2010



Turkish Aegen Homes & BBCG Construction are a honorable company who from day one take good care of your requests and for us it is a one bedroom top quality apartment with all the furnishing, that we picked on day one of our visit to Didim near Altinkum.

Some people are concerned on purchasing off plan, which we did. But the facts are that Ceyhun and his architect wife Gungor had finished the Sun Gate Complex before the purchase date and gave us a payment plan which suits our needs.

On our first day we got care and kind attention, organizing every accountable detail from a solicitor, who had an official translator into English, our bank accounts opened, applications for the military searches on ourselves which is necessary.

Expect numbers all in one day!

We have heard many concerns about builders and real estate companies, but with Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction everything is above board and we never had any worries from the beginning to the end.

Ceyhun, his wife Gungor and sons have become our good friends and anyone who knows Ceyhun will testify to his integrity, honesty and we hold him and his family in high Regards as does everyone else.

We would highly recommend Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction if you are thinking of buying a home abroad.

Helen Millar and Bill Bell, Ireland, Sun Gate Complex , 25. March 2010



I was not very sure at first about buying abroad as I am a single Mum and was worried about being “ripped off”. I initially contacted several companies, but was very impressed by the service Ceyhun, his sons and Lola gave. and would recommend them to anyone thinking of buying in Turkey I contacted Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction less than a year ago expressing an interest in buying an apartment in Mavisehir and within 3 months I had been out viewing and had purchased. I didn’t feel pressurized into buying at any time.
As well as the actual viewing and purchase of my property they dealt with all of the issues from having air conditioning fitted to sorting out paperwork with local government, the tax office, setting up bank accounts etc. I even had my Tapu by the end of my first holiday (within 6 months), to the amazement of several friends who have bought property in the Altinkum area before me and are still waiting. Any queries I had were resolved quickly and nothing was too much trouble. Altinkum has lots of estate agents, but I am so relieved I chose to go with the best. Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction.
Many thanks to all. I am thrilled and delighted with my property in the sun.

Lynzi Duncan, Scotland,  Blue City Complex , 22. April 2009



I have bought a property from Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction in September 2008. Found this agents through Google search engine and decision to go with them was really one of the best I have made. Everything is exactly as they are promissing on website. From first meeting to all procedure of buying, documentation and other essential involving a property is at very very high standarts that I was not really expecting and it really came as a bit of pleasant surprice. I would always recommend this company to anyone who decides to buy a property in this lovely region of Turkey. I can even leave my phone number if anybody needs more information or advice.

Robert Cornerford, England,  Goldsand Complex 2 , 10. April 2009



Having read the other comments from other clients, I am in total agreement with what has been said about this family run company (Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction) headed by a lovely Gentleman called Ceyhun. They supplied me with all the information I needed including the Solicitor’s details and the developer’s details, and since I had decided on what I wanted prior to getting there, Ceyhun took us to Akbuk the day after we arrived. Akbuk Bay must surely be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The pictures they sent me matched exactly the location and property details. Within a couple of days all bank and tax and solicitor arrangements were made and I gladly put down the deposit for the apartment. I must stress that prior to contacting this company, I made enquiries with another agency and they wanted me to send the deposit to their bank account in England before the site visit! So be aware. Ceyhun took us to choose the furniture and on return he asked if we needed anything else. I mentioned that I really loved to have a portable Barbeque set in the Balcony! He then took us to a shop and we selected one, but it was in a box and in bits ready to be assembled. Ceyhun said that don’t worry about this, I will put it together and deliver it to your apartment! That’s how nice the man is. I fully trust him and his company and recommend them with total confidence. As the others have said, you can contact me direct for any other information you require.

Alistair Gashgai, England,  Ufuk Hillside Complex , 24. Septmber 2008



Hi my name is Keith and my wife is Barbara, we have lived in Altinkum for four years, we recently sold a property near third beach. This is when we met J.J. (Ceyhun) and his family who own Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. We decided on buying an apartment which J.J. took us to view lots of his builds, but we decided on buying from a different builder. But we would like to say that in the build up to the buy and after sales the whole family have been very polite and very helpful we cannot speak more highly of Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. It is much safer to buy from long standing family business than buy fly by night agents.

Keith & Barbara Ann East, England,  Imdat Apartment , 17. September 2008



I did a lot of research on the internet before we decided to buy in Altinkum and chose to use Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction for a viewing trip in May 2008 as we where interested in a property they where selling off plan. When we arrived at our hotel Ceyhun {also known as JJ} was there to great us and said that he would arrange to collect us in the morning to go to the office as we will be tired after our journey, we replied that we were not tired and Ceyhum then suggested that he could collect us in an hour after we settle in our room and show us around Altinkum where the new Marina,etc is and could show us where the apartments are to be built that we where interested in and also show us apartments that where built this year. We felt very relaxed as we viewed the apartments as there was not any hard sell attitude and you could freely go about the properties, we even felt very relaxed when Ceyhum took us for a meal afterwards it was just like being out with a friend. At the office the next morning Ceyhum introduced us to everyone in the office including his sons, it was a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, we decided we did not nead to see any more properties as we had seen the one we wanted on the day of our arrival {Sunday}.Everything was well explained to us all our costs, procedures, etc.We where given a very good payment plan and taken to the furniture store and solicitors that day. When we moved into our apartment Ceyhum checked with us that everything was there and working ok. Ceyhum's son Bogac has been keeping us up to date by sending us e-mails with photos of extras we asked to be done to our apartment. We have found everyone at Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction very helpful since we purchased our apartment and would highly recommend them to any one wishing to purchase in Altinkum as there service is second to none.

Jean & Mitchell McCreadie, Scotland,  Heraklia Apartments , 11. September 2008



We were recommended to Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction by some friends in the UK and when we arrived in Didim we were very impressed by the efficiency, energy and enthusiasm demonstrated by them. We bought a new-build apartment from them in July 2006 and everything was organised very effectively throughout with no problem too great to deal with. The paperwork and furniture buying was completed with the minimum of fuss and we loved our apartment as soon as we went back there for the first time. We have developed a very good working relationship with Ceyhun and his sons and they are incredibly efficient in replying to emails and nothing seems too much for them to manage. They have organised transfers, cleaning, laundry, maintenance, etc for us and we are delighted with their service. We can (and have) whole-heartedly recommend Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction to any prospective buyers.

Jez & Kirsteen Holland, England,  Heraklia Apartments , 09. September 2008



I contacted Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction a little over 14 months ago now, with interest in buying an apartment in Altinkum. I had searched the internet and contacted several agents about property in Altinkum, prior to my visit.In the end I decided on Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction due to the fact that they were more direct , responsive and Knowledgeable then all of the others. I went over on an inspection tour in August last year where I was met by J.J and shown approximately 30 apartments over 3 days ( the novelty wore off after the first day for the kids and girlfriend).We were also given a tour of the local area and the developments being carried out . I placed a deposit on our apartment from JJ a month later when I went back over and completed the purchase the following month ( including receiving the Title deeds which takes up to 3 years for most people) .JJ organised the Solicitor ( all paperwork translated English and Turkish), tax office , deeds office , military and utilities registration for me within a couple of days , the furnishing, bedding , curtains and electrical / white goods ( satellite etc..) this was all delivered and installed the same day that I picked it and was paid for AFTER it was delivered. I have always found JJ and his sons to be very helpful , friendly and efficient from the day I met them , they even looked after my parents ( including collecting them from Akbuk) when they visited my apartment in May. IT makes you feel a lot more relaxed and confident to know that you have friends looking after your property and family whilst you are so far away. I would and have recommended JJ and Bogac to several of my business colleagues since my purchase due to the above reasons.

Rob Corker, England,  Heraklia Apartments , 08. September 2008



I purchased an apartment from Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction in August 2008. It is a family run business and I found all of the staff to be very friendly and professional. They listened carefully to my list of requirements and showed me a range of properties that fitted my criteria and were within my price range. It really helped that they were very informative but not at all pushy. They assisted me with the purchase of the property and explained the buying process in detail and answered any concerns or questions I had. It is great to know that they also offer a comprehensive after sales service and can arrange everything from paying electricity bills to instructing a plumber (should I need one)!!

Claire Barrett-Smith, England,  Mayfair Complex , 08. September 2008



Having used the services of a number of estate agents in Altinkum I found that Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction was the only one that actually showed us the right properties, in the right areas and in the right price range. In fact they were the only ones who actually paid attention to our requirements. Ceyhun (JJ) and his sons along with the lovely Nathalie and Lola made the whole process of buying in a foreign country simple,stress free and efficient. This family business provided a service that made us feel comfortable and confident throughout the whole buying process. As well as the actual viewing and purchase of our property they dealt with all of the peripheral issues from arranging to have air con fitted through to sorting out paperwork with local government, the tax office etc. Any queries we had were resolved quickly and nothing ever seemed too much trouble. Altinkum has lots of estate agents, some better than others, but Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction is a wee gem that really stands out from the rest for all the right reasons. Would I recommend Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction? Absolutely.

Derek and Sandra McSorley, England, Deriko Apartment , 01. September 2008



We have been conducting property purchases and after sales services with Ceyhun, the owner of Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction now for several years. This business has always been conducted in a flexible, friendly and thoroughly professional manner. If you are thinking of purchasing a property or require after sales services and wish to do so economically and with complete peace of mind we would not hesitate in recommending you to Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. Should you require to ask us any questions about Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction, please could you contact the company.

Richard and Marilyn Dawson, England, Heraklia Apartments, Sun Gate Complex , 27. August 2008


I purchased a property from Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction via the internet. I didn’t visit Altinkum until the following year after my purchase the information of my purchased property that I had received via email was all correct and spot on. I was very happy with the service I was given. Ceyhun made me feel very welcome when I did finally arrive and he took me to see my property and helped me in purchasing all furniture. They are always prompt in getting in touch with me if need be or if I have a enquire. I would defiantly recommend Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction to anyone thinking of purchasing a property in Altinkum.

Inga Licite, Latvia,  Goldsand Complex 2 , 27. August 2008



I was not sure at first about buying abroad but now I am glad i choose Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction and would recommend them to anyone thinking of buying in Turkey.

Tommy and Jacky Holligan, England,  Goldsand Complex 2 , 27. August 2008



I have dealt with a few estate agents and purchased a few properties in Altinkum past few years. Regrettably, I can not always recommend nor trust every estate agents I dealt with. In most cases, dealing with estate agents is a stressful matter. The less I have to do with them, the better for some of them.
However, I was never let down by Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction. It's been a pleasant experience. The team led by Ceyhun is always friendly, yet courteous, helpful, professional and efficient. You can be sure that you are in a good hand. Every single staff in the office is welcoming whenever I visit their office. They go out of their way to help you and never make you feel you are causing a trouble by asking for a help nor needing their help and always letting you know that they are glad to be of help. Emails are promptly replied in perfect English, thus written by reassuringly educated, well spoken individuals who understand English language well. The paper work is always up to date. They always let me know via email when the payment reached their account with a receipt in an attachment. I initially contacted Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction about a year ago (July 07) enquiring about one particular off plan property I saw on their website saying I would like a viewing with them whilst I am over in Altinkum. They came to pick me up from my apartment in Didim on time. I was impressed with the quality of construction they sell, spacious, well designed with extensive communal facilities and reasonably priced with flexible payment to suit me. So I bought one overlooking the swimming pool. Ceyhun gave me a valued advice picking one which was the best value for my money. Since then, Ceyhun and his staff have looked after me every step of the way. They gained my trust by proving themselves worthy by their gesture over my several visit to Didim past year.

Yasuko Hancock, England,  Goldsand Complex 2 , 27. August 2008



After seeing various other property agencies in the area we organised to meet up with Ceyhun from Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction, who drove all the way over to Bodrum where we had booked a hotel for the week to use as our base. Nothing was too much trouble and Ceyhun showed us absolutely every property that he thought we might like (like most women I went back to the first one that i saw and bought that one!). We wanted to have the choice to view lots of properties and found that other estate agents were very pushy (definately not so with Ceyhun who put us under no pressure whatsoever) The choice of property that Ceyhan showed us was so varied we were spoilt for choice! and the price we paid was very fair and competitive as Ceyhun was able to negotiate with the builders for us. Once we had decided we left Ceyhun to sort everything out, which he did so without any fuss and when we arrived for our first holiday at our new apartment even the beds were made, everything worked and he sorted the Satelite TV out for us! After talking to various other people I definately think we struck lucky with Ceyhun, as other people I have spoken to have had nothing like the service and after sale service we had! We met as a customer and left as Friends! We would not hesitate to reccomend Ceyhun and his company to other prospective purchasers as I look back and realise how lucky we were to have Ceyhun to look after us both before and after purchasing our apartment! If anyone would like to contact us direct do not hesitate to get my phone number or email off Ceyhun. PS (We bought a lovely apartment in yesilkent which we are extremely pleased with)

Pauline and Ian Foster, England,  Bougain Complex , 27. August 2008



I contacted this company (Turkish Aegean Homes & BBCG Construction) to enquire about the properties they had in their portfolio, and to enquire about an inspection trip, I was contacted quickly and professionally by the company with several properties e-mailed to me. More importantly, the company gave myself and my wife vital information and advice, without which we could have been mis-led by less professional companies. My family and I went to Altinkum for a weeks holiday, on our first day we were met by Ceyhun and Lola, they showed us a multitude of varying properties, it was very hot and the kids started to play up, so we were taken back to our hotel, there was NO PRESSURE SALES PITCH!!!! my wife and I told Ceyhun that we wanted to think things over, Ceyhun and Lola simply thanked us and were on their way, my wife and I talked about the properties we had viewed and narrowed the choice down to 3, Ceyhun and Lola duly came back, showed us back around the 3 properties and my wife and I chose the one we wanted. By Friday I had been to the solicitor, registered with the tax office and opened my Turkish bank accounts, by Saturday we had chosen our furniture, everything was so quick. As we were picking the furniture Ceyhun even advised what to get /not to get. Payment terms are Brilliant, the service is exceptional, the aftersales assistance is second to none and everything is above board and HONEST., Ceyhun`s integrity cannot be questioned. We are looking forward to going back to our apartment in 8 weeks, my family were looked after splendidly we feel part of the family. SO overwhelmed by Ceyhun, his family and Lola I would recommend this company to any one, if any one wants to speak to me direct for a reference contact the company and I authorise them to pass on my contact details, alternatively come and see my family and I in our apartment in October. Yours very satisfied and happy customers,

Alan and Lindsey Mather, England,  Heraklia Apartments , 26. August 2008

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